Thursday, September 05, 2013







  1. only 4% a good can this be? might as well buy SPAC??

  2. only 4% a year? Are you sure or not. Perhaps you were wrong in doing math calculation :)

    SPAC? My 95% of fund are there, hehe....

    1. let say I buy perwaja-la at 0.8..RCULS meaning I get back RM1.00 in 2019? so, I make 25% in 6years...simple return per year is 25%/6=4% a year...(I am not sure there is any coupon rate or not)..some more u have to HOPE/ PRARY so hard to make sure the mother wont get into financial trouble , so that your money can be honour back??..If U buy any of SPAC now like CLIQ 0.62...u get back 0.675 and SONA 0.41, u get back 0.45...GURANTEED...AND u have the liquidity to get out how god can perwaja-la be?? even I do SCR like NADAYu 1.3 get back 1.39 also better la!!

  3. Hi,

    Perwaja-LA coupon rate 7% of its RM1.00 nominal value, that means RM0.07 per year. Based on current price RM0.80, you get RM0.07 per year, in semi-annual basis. Which is equivalent to 8.75% return annually + year 2019 get 25% straight from redemption. Not a bad deal.

    CLIQ and SONA, consists 95% of my portfolio, since IPO as well as "sapu" from open market :)

    NADAYU could potentially your Xmas gift or CNY's ang pao. 6-7% in 3-4 months from now on, not a bad deal too. Interested parties are holding 70.55% of shares, quite solid. Let's wait for further announcement about EGM and let's see how minority shareholders react in EGM.

    Anyway, I still prefer PERWAJA-LA. Hehehe... Simply because I admire KINSTEEL and 华总-方天兴,hahaha....

    1. friend, to like a person is ok, but what u like is personality/public imagine...just like I like Chau Yun special economic value..if u talk abut Perwaja current market cap is only RM218m, last year make a loss of RM212m...this year first half loss much more can it has?....I think if we do investment based on HOPE/ or PRAY HARD is not a very good approach...if it can do will normally continue to do well...or vice versa....luckily u put 95% in something solid and written/ specified in black and white SPAC.....but I really like your attitude to have a soft and sincere heart to help people!! pls continue do to what u think is correct...and may you have a unimaginable wealth coming without your give more to people is actually realising even more to yourself!